of crime and punishment

October 27, 2014

The following is about proper punishment for sex offenders, especially rapists. So far prisons, even therapy has not done much good.

Why not try castrating the offender? The only harm to the offender would be loss of his troublesome libido but gaining a much respected musical career as a castratie.

In time the terror of especially rape may well be resolved for good.

Obama and Putin

March 23, 2014

Obama and Putin,

To fully understand the ongoing crisis over Ukraine and the Russian annexation of Crimea it is essential to factor in the long smoldering animosity between the two Presidents.

From the very beginning, neither trusted the other and tried to upstage each other, whether in Syria or even the Olympic Games at Sochi, to which President Obama dispatched three lesbian former athletes as his representatives.

It is sad and tragic if the fate of the world should hinge on the vendetta of two politicians who dislike each other

A short history of the Twenty First Century,

November 22, 2013

A short history of the Twenty First Century,

In retrospect, the history of the 21st Century must be acknowledged as nothing short of a major upheaval, a revolution comparable to previous world changing events.   It may have had its beginning many years before the 21st Century.  Did it start with the “Arab Spring”, the violent upheaval in the Muslim world, or the more peaceful shift from a male dominated world to one dominated by women, or a human population which had expanded beyond the world’s capacity?

Or was it the climate, the unmistakable warming of its atmosphere, leading to the meltdown of glaciers and the rise of the world’s oceans?   The increasing and ever more violent storms, triggered by atmospheric warming, were but the beginning of much worse to come.  The Industrial Revolution surely was responsible for polluting and poisoning the earth’s atmosphere.

However, since the very beginning of the planet earth, its climate had undergone periodic changes – from warm, even hot, to cold and freezing.  Lush, tropical forests once covered the entire earth, even the frigid poles.  The most recent Ice Age started to retreat only about fifteen centuries ago and evidently, still retreating, ushered in an ever warmer and stormier world.

At first, mankind was still capable to deal with the storms – rebuild, heal the wounded, bury the dead and move on.  But as storms, tsunamis, typhoons and tornadoes increased, ever fiercer and destructive, all efforts became overwhelmed.  Any reconstruction became increasingly impossible, even burying the dead.  Mankind faced its worst crisis – survival of the species.

With each new onslaught of yet another storm, civil order began to break down. The fittest and wealthiest, with the means to escape, managed to survive for a while.  The vast majority, left to fend for itself, resorted to looting, crime, civil war, ultimately escalating into nuclear warfare, firestorms ravaging most of what remained.

Exhausted and desperate, all manmade institutions – the socalled Justice, monetary, even religious organizations – decimated, the last pitiful survivors finally gathered to attempt to restore some sort of order.  It was at this point that women, always more resilient, rose up and took control, determined that whatever form some new society would assume, it was to benefit everyone but primarily children.

A new human society emerged, beyond the ancient and almost forgotten punitive Justice system, its deadly weapons, corrupting money, even “Gods”, replaced by a deepening respect for all life and the earth that was to restore and sustain them.  As the storms diminished and the waters receded, what began in the 21st Century as a Matriarchy, promised to evolve into a less competitive but more cooperative, communal and peaceful world.


October 2, 2013

No thing and no body is truly independent but related to and dependent on every other thing and every other body. We exist and create in an interconnected and interdependent universe.

Everything I have created ( pictorial or literary) is due to my interrelationship with all there is. It does not belong to me alone. It belongs to anybody and everybody to use as seen fit.

The notion of the successful “self-made, independent” person is a fallacy to maintain our ongoing, but temporary, class division.

Peace in Syria

September 29, 2013

Several Syrian Rebel factions are reported to have joined Al Queda” which may constitute a desperate attempt to reverse what began with the Russian – American initiative to rid Syria of its chemical weapons. On our part, the next logical step should lead to a “Cease Fire” and, ultimately, “Peace”. But now that a major Rebel segment allied itself with Al Queda and broke with the Exile Leadership”, who is left to negotiate with?

Rather sooner than later, America and its allies may have to face the perhaps unsavory task of realigning itself with the Assad regime, the only steady force left in this shifting quagmire. Yes, he is a ruthless tyrant, but for years we have done business with him as well as his equally ruthless father and know him only too well. We really have no clear idea what the opposition consists of and the impact it would have, if victorious, on the entire region, especially Israel.

The time has come that whatever it may take we must halt any further slaughter, reverse the flight of refugees and begin the task of rebuilding their lives and country.

What if…?

October 14, 2012

What if in a major policy speech, the President of Israel makes the following proposal:

For as long as Israel exists we have been at war or preparing for war. At the same time, however, we have dreamt of Peace. It is time we make Peace and live in Peace – with all our neighbors, but especially the Palestinians whose ancestral land we share.

We propose to become one nation, possibly a Confederation under one constitution and realize the dream of Theodor Herzl, the founding father of Zionism. All barriers and walls shall be dismantled, the settlements opened to anyone and all refugees welcomed back. Let us not forget that not all inhabitants of ancient Israel joined the Exodus and may well be our brothers and sisters.

We also offer to rid this land of all nuclear weapons and invite our neighbors to declare the entire region a nuclear free, perhaps ultimately, a demilitarized zone.

Then, and only then, will we have achieved the dream of our Prophets, perhaps even a model for all mankind. Becoming a model and guiding light for all the world, Israel would be fulfilling its God given role.

It began with Abraham when he spared Isaac, his firstborn son. It lead to Moses and the Ten Commandments, followed by our Prophets. Surely, their insistence on Peace and righteousness inspired Spinoza and ,ultimately, Buber and yes, Hertzl.

Righteousness, ethics, morality may well be our God given mission, which as the Nation of Israel it is now our task and obligation to fulfill.

Our Universe – a different scenario

September 19, 2012

Stephen Hawking, the astrophysicist, is said to have declared that the Big Bang sprang out of a “Singularity” of “nothing”.  Out of “nothing”?  There must have been “something”, even a mere “potential”.  After the “Singularity” of the Big Bang, the Universe expanded and, apparently, at an accelerating rate, supposedly for ever and ever.

Somehow, this scenario doesn’t seem right.  A universe that begins out of nothing and ends, ultimately lost in some “nowhere” appears neither elegant nor beautiful.   Yes, “beauty” and a simple “elegance” appears fundamental to all natural phenomena.  Herewith a different scenario:

Starting with yet another Big Bang, the Universe expands along a circular trajectory (space-time being circular).  Galaxies, stars and planets (because of their circular path) ultimately circle back to point zero, where it all began.  Compressed into an ever tighter ball, it explodes in yet another Big Bang, an event which occurs again and again.  One “event” follows another with little change and may be the reason some individuals recall aspects of some previous life.

Perhaps this Universe exhibits consciousness, of which, ultimately, we are part of.   If conscious, perhaps, it may even contain ethical attributes which, ultimately, may be reflected in human behavior. What if our Universe is programmed to produce not just life but intelligence, beauty and ethics?


September 1, 2012

Compared to what there is to know, we still may know next to nothing.

The middle road leads to neither here nor there.

As part of the common herd you can easily get stepped on.

Yes, it’s lonely up there, but what a view!

In this fog, we have only the foggiest notion where we are headed.

As finite creatures we cannot even imagine infinity and eternity.

Acknowledging our limitations we may be able to rise above them.

Time may be but a construct of us timekeepers.

It’s time women take over from us testosterone crazed males.

Crime may well be the ultimate Free Enterprise.

Beware of men without a sense of humor.

Without humor life is no joke.

Democracy? Great, when practiced by well informed and tolerant people.

As recent arrivals, we would do well to treat this earth and all its creatures with respect.

As descendents from apes it’s time we stopped acting like apes.

“On the other hand” may get us nowhere.

If you have a choice, you might try the less popular.

Ever tried being a God fearing atheist?

Our manmade “Gods” are bloody war mongers.

Like it or not, no one is independent – we are all interdependent.

It’s not toolmaking, but a sense of humor that defines us.

Nothingness is pregnant with possibilities.

At the beginning God created possibilities.

An agnostic wants the best of all possible worlds.

Competition without cooperation leads to an unbalanced society.

To a Penguin or Platypus we appear pretty weird.

There is, indeed, a very funny creature in your mirror.

If you can’t stand criticism, sit down.

We are never “finished” – merely recycled, again and again.

That limelight may blind you.


Why is there “Something” rather than “Nothing”?

August 29, 2012

It should seem obvious that “existence” or “something” is simply more interesting than “nothing’ or “nonexistence”. That’s why. Besides, “why” seems to make us what we are.

Even invoking “God”, He would have found “nothing” intolerable, utterly boring in the long run. For no other reason than entertainment and amusement, there had to be “something”.

So, here we are, most amusing. And what greater, more exiting spectacle can there be than War – His toys, His children slaughtering one another, especially in the name of His greater glory.

What do you say to an alien

March 2, 2012

“What do you say to an alien?” was a recently raised question in the New York Times. The question assumes, in true homocentric fashion, that “they” must be like us – possessing a voice, hearing as well as radio transmission. We built a multimillion dollar array of antennas to catch some extra-terrestrial radio signal, but to no avail. Call it narrow-minded, self-centered or chutzpah, the same as assuming God to look, and act, just like a man. But, what if those aliens out there, possess neither a larynx, ears nor electronic transmission, but communicate telepathically, instantaneously and over vast distances.

That we are not alone in this vast universe is a reasonable assumption, given that life, organic life, may well be the ultimate expression of creation. Not only may we not be alone, but contact may have been far more universal, perhaps from the earliest beginnings and throughout history. If not direct physical then surely some mental, psychic contact – an intrusion of ideas and imagery, call it imagination, inspiration, dreams or hallucination. Where do they originate? Spontaneously, out of nowhere, out of nothing? They must have some origin. Out of some common heritage? Surely, but these intrusions may also have a more profound and distant origin – distant in both time and place.

Life on earth may have originated by way of organic spores from outer space, seeding the early earth. May we not assume that extra terrestrial notions and ideas may have seeded some early humanoid minds? The feeling of “being possessed” has been recorded not only by psychiatrists, but more importantly by “creative” people – poets, prophets, artists, scientists and saints. Possessed by what? Intruded by whom? Some “muse”? This sense of possession and intrusion, if not common, may well be more widespread than generally assumed. If possession and intrusion into mind, why not also visitations of a more substantive nature? What if, truly, we are not alone, but have had occasional physical contact from earliest beginnings?
There may be people who, literally, feel like “misfits”, alienated aliens, who do not “belong”, lost and forever restless, but sensing an overwhelming bond to “something out there”, troubled by some strange “cosmic consciousness”. Perhaps we did not all, or only, descend from primates or by way of Neanderthal. Perhaps, there have been visitations, intrusions and infusions which have turned some into restless searchers for worlds beyond the here and now. This notion of extraterrestrial origin may be either one of the more outlandish and newer exotic mental aberrations, or perhaps not: “I may be a misfit here, but certainly I must belong somewhere, elsewhere, out there, perhaps”. “Alienation” and “alien” may be taking on a new and, hopefully, no longer troubling connotation.