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February 21, 2010

The latest Supreme Court decision merely reaffirms what has always  been the law of this land – “money speaks”.  Without money, you don’t have a voice that can be heard, certainly not in Congress.

Evidently, the ultimate power in America resides in Corporations rather than  “We, the people”.  It is high time that we acknowledge the reality that ours is a Corporate State, as well as an Empire.  We can continue to dream of bygone glory, a dream which for most Americans is turning into a nightmare, or face reality.

In the face of this reality, and like all Empires before, we have no choice but to give up our extra-territorial possessions and military adventures and reallocate its vast sums on  internal infrastructure, job creation and shifting the Corporate power to where it rightfully belongs – to all the people of this Nation.  Only then will “We, the people” gain its rightful voice.