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A world, unbalanced and in crisis

July 31, 2010


Once again, our world appears in an economic crisis, a human crisis, dated conveniently from the bursting of America’s “real estate bubble”. It has, however, far deeper roots. Compared to the “Great Depression” of the 1930’s, this latest recession seems mild, but not to the millions who have lost jobs, homes and, most painfully, self-respect.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of the unemployed will never again find jobs. Idleness, especially, among young men, spawns violence.

Despite all efforts, the “Great Depression” did not end until WWII.  Wars have always been a great stimulus to the world economy and efficient disposal of surplus men. Now, however, we find ourselves in an unprecedented dilemma: The world’s population increased from about two and a half billion at the end of WWII to over six billion within less than half a century, responsible for the present environmental degradation. In addition, our means of production, dedicated to “growth” (starting with the Industrial Revolution) and ever greater reliance on automation, renders human labor increasingly superfluous in almost equal proportion to the increase in population.    

WWIII,  (no doubt a nuclear war) would of course, readjust this ongoing imbalance.  Since this extreme readjustment presents, however, unacceptable consequences, we should (with ingenuity and some sense of self-preservation), find alternative, less lethal means. A profound transformation is already in progress – from a male to a female dominated world.  This should herald a less combative but more peaceful and sensible world.

July 30, 2010