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On Israel

August 31, 2010

Theodore Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism advocated, what he called, “Mutualism” –  a homeland for Jews in which all people and religions were fully represented and respected. This dream, unfortunately, has turned into the ongoing nightmare of Israeli Military conquest and ever widening occupation.

This unfolding tragedy appears to repeat history:  Fanaticism drives this tragedy, the very same, ultimately fatal, fanaticism which 2000 years ago provoked the Roman Legions to sack Jerusalem.  Raw Military power and arrogance may not prevent history from repeating itself.

As an old Zionist (since joining Kadimah in Germany in 1930), I am gratified that voices of conscience are reemerging.  It is our conscience, our sense of righteousness and ethics, which ever since Abraham, has been our most precious birthright.