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President Obama’s dilemma

December 11, 2010

Those of us who were moved by Obama, the candidate, and cheered him on to victory, must feel let down by Obama, the President. Evidently, there lies a vast divide between one and the other.  Perhaps, we should have known better – a bright, caring, very articulate black President would be anathema to America’s white, reactionary establishment.

However, the causes for Obama’s reluctance to put up a real fight go much deeper. Future historians will need to grapple with Barack Obama, the black, bright and sensitive youngster with a strange, foreign name.  He must have learned early – be “nice” if you don’t want to get beaten up and hurt.

I know: Growing up in Weimar Germany as “Jesaja, that Polishh Jewboy”, you try to avoid “them”.  But, it never works, no matter how nice and accommodating you try to be.  This early lesson remains in your very bones and is never overcome, no matter what future success beckons.

Unless his “team” is able and willing to pick up the gauntlet, the great promise of Obama is bound to be a disappointment   Unfortunately, Obama chose a “team” to be equally accommodating