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Elizabeth Warren for President

August 15, 2011

Painful as it may be, the sooner we acknowledge that Barack Obama’s Presidency has failed his great promise as well as our expectations, the sooner we can prepare for the coming election.  This is not to say that he cannot win, but his second term would only be a repeat of his evident inability to stand his ground and fight for what he surely believes in.  What Obama has called ”compromise” was, unfortunately, again and again, nothing short of capitulation to even the most extreme reactionary agenda.  While inspiring communicator, he had neither guts nor backbone to stand his ground to fight for the very things he appears to believe in. 

We cannot permit the Tea Party’s mindless agenda hijack this country.  The coming Primary should not be limited only to the Republicans.  Democrats, as well, should demand a Primary.  Of the, no doubt, many worthy candidates, I believe that Elizabeth Warren – bright, articulate and fearless – is the one able to confront even the worst of the crackpot opposition. Evidently, Ms Warren does have some political ambitions – hopefully, she can be persuaded to skip a run for the Senate and move on to fight for the White House and America’s future.