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What do you say to an alien

March 2, 2012

“What do you say to an alien?” was a recently raised question in the New York Times. The question assumes, in true homocentric fashion, that “they” must be like us – possessing a voice, hearing as well as radio transmission. We built a multimillion dollar array of antennas to catch some extra-terrestrial radio signal, but to no avail. Call it narrow-minded, self-centered or chutzpah, the same as assuming God to look, and act, just like a man. But, what if those aliens out there, possess neither a larynx, ears nor electronic transmission, but communicate telepathically, instantaneously and over vast distances.

That we are not alone in this vast universe is a reasonable assumption, given that life, organic life, may well be the ultimate expression of creation. Not only may we not be alone, but contact may have been far more universal, perhaps from the earliest beginnings and throughout history. If not direct physical then surely some mental, psychic contact – an intrusion of ideas and imagery, call it imagination, inspiration, dreams or hallucination. Where do they originate? Spontaneously, out of nowhere, out of nothing? They must have some origin. Out of some common heritage? Surely, but these intrusions may also have a more profound and distant origin – distant in both time and place.

Life on earth may have originated by way of organic spores from outer space, seeding the early earth. May we not assume that extra terrestrial notions and ideas may have seeded some early humanoid minds? The feeling of “being possessed” has been recorded not only by psychiatrists, but more importantly by “creative” people – poets, prophets, artists, scientists and saints. Possessed by what? Intruded by whom? Some “muse”? This sense of possession and intrusion, if not common, may well be more widespread than generally assumed. If possession and intrusion into mind, why not also visitations of a more substantive nature? What if, truly, we are not alone, but have had occasional physical contact from earliest beginnings?
There may be people who, literally, feel like “misfits”, alienated aliens, who do not “belong”, lost and forever restless, but sensing an overwhelming bond to “something out there”, troubled by some strange “cosmic consciousness”. Perhaps we did not all, or only, descend from primates or by way of Neanderthal. Perhaps, there have been visitations, intrusions and infusions which have turned some into restless searchers for worlds beyond the here and now. This notion of extraterrestrial origin may be either one of the more outlandish and newer exotic mental aberrations, or perhaps not: “I may be a misfit here, but certainly I must belong somewhere, elsewhere, out there, perhaps”. “Alienation” and “alien” may be taking on a new and, hopefully, no longer troubling connotation.