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Our Universe – a different scenario

September 19, 2012

Stephen Hawking, the astrophysicist, is said to have declared that the Big Bang sprang out of a “Singularity” of “nothing”.  Out of “nothing”?  There must have been “something”, even a mere “potential”.  After the “Singularity” of the Big Bang, the Universe expanded and, apparently, at an accelerating rate, supposedly for ever and ever.

Somehow, this scenario doesn’t seem right.  A universe that begins out of nothing and ends, ultimately lost in some “nowhere” appears neither elegant nor beautiful.   Yes, “beauty” and a simple “elegance” appears fundamental to all natural phenomena.  Herewith a different scenario:

Starting with yet another Big Bang, the Universe expands along a circular trajectory (space-time being circular).  Galaxies, stars and planets (because of their circular path) ultimately circle back to point zero, where it all began.  Compressed into an ever tighter ball, it explodes in yet another Big Bang, an event which occurs again and again.  One “event” follows another with little change and may be the reason some individuals recall aspects of some previous life.

Perhaps this Universe exhibits consciousness, of which, ultimately, we are part of.   If conscious, perhaps, it may even contain ethical attributes which, ultimately, may be reflected in human behavior. What if our Universe is programmed to produce not just life but intelligence, beauty and ethics?


September 1, 2012

Compared to what there is to know, we still may know next to nothing.

The middle road leads to neither here nor there.

As part of the common herd you can easily get stepped on.

Yes, it’s lonely up there, but what a view!

In this fog, we have only the foggiest notion where we are headed.

As finite creatures we cannot even imagine infinity and eternity.

Acknowledging our limitations we may be able to rise above them.

Time may be but a construct of us timekeepers.

It’s time women take over from us testosterone crazed males.

Crime may well be the ultimate Free Enterprise.

Beware of men without a sense of humor.

Without humor life is no joke.

Democracy? Great, when practiced by well informed and tolerant people.

As recent arrivals, we would do well to treat this earth and all its creatures with respect.

As descendents from apes it’s time we stopped acting like apes.

“On the other hand” may get us nowhere.

If you have a choice, you might try the less popular.

Ever tried being a God fearing atheist?

Our manmade “Gods” are bloody war mongers.

Like it or not, no one is independent – we are all interdependent.

It’s not toolmaking, but a sense of humor that defines us.

Nothingness is pregnant with possibilities.

At the beginning God created possibilities.

An agnostic wants the best of all possible worlds.

Competition without cooperation leads to an unbalanced society.

To a Penguin or Platypus we appear pretty weird.

There is, indeed, a very funny creature in your mirror.

If you can’t stand criticism, sit down.

We are never “finished” – merely recycled, again and again.

That limelight may blind you.