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A short history of the Twenty First Century,

November 22, 2013

A short history of the Twenty First Century,

In retrospect, the history of the 21st Century must be acknowledged as nothing short of a major upheaval, a revolution comparable to previous world changing events.   It may have had its beginning many years before the 21st Century.  Did it start with the “Arab Spring”, the violent upheaval in the Muslim world, or the more peaceful shift from a male dominated world to one dominated by women, or a human population which had expanded beyond the world’s capacity?

Or was it the climate, the unmistakable warming of its atmosphere, leading to the meltdown of glaciers and the rise of the world’s oceans?   The increasing and ever more violent storms, triggered by atmospheric warming, were but the beginning of much worse to come.  The Industrial Revolution surely was responsible for polluting and poisoning the earth’s atmosphere.

However, since the very beginning of the planet earth, its climate had undergone periodic changes – from warm, even hot, to cold and freezing.  Lush, tropical forests once covered the entire earth, even the frigid poles.  The most recent Ice Age started to retreat only about fifteen centuries ago and evidently, still retreating, ushered in an ever warmer and stormier world.

At first, mankind was still capable to deal with the storms – rebuild, heal the wounded, bury the dead and move on.  But as storms, tsunamis, typhoons and tornadoes increased, ever fiercer and destructive, all efforts became overwhelmed.  Any reconstruction became increasingly impossible, even burying the dead.  Mankind faced its worst crisis – survival of the species.

With each new onslaught of yet another storm, civil order began to break down. The fittest and wealthiest, with the means to escape, managed to survive for a while.  The vast majority, left to fend for itself, resorted to looting, crime, civil war, ultimately escalating into nuclear warfare, firestorms ravaging most of what remained.

Exhausted and desperate, all manmade institutions – the socalled Justice, monetary, even religious organizations – decimated, the last pitiful survivors finally gathered to attempt to restore some sort of order.  It was at this point that women, always more resilient, rose up and took control, determined that whatever form some new society would assume, it was to benefit everyone but primarily children.

A new human society emerged, beyond the ancient and almost forgotten punitive Justice system, its deadly weapons, corrupting money, even “Gods”, replaced by a deepening respect for all life and the earth that was to restore and sustain them.  As the storms diminished and the waters receded, what began in the 21st Century as a Matriarchy, promised to evolve into a less competitive but more cooperative, communal and peaceful world.