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Peace in Syria

September 29, 2013

Several Syrian Rebel factions are reported to have joined Al Queda” which may constitute a desperate attempt to reverse what began with the Russian – American initiative to rid Syria of its chemical weapons. On our part, the next logical step should lead to a “Cease Fire” and, ultimately, “Peace”. But now that a major Rebel segment allied itself with Al Queda and broke with the Exile Leadership”, who is left to negotiate with?

Rather sooner than later, America and its allies may have to face the perhaps unsavory task of realigning itself with the Assad regime, the only steady force left in this shifting quagmire. Yes, he is a ruthless tyrant, but for years we have done business with him as well as his equally ruthless father and know him only too well. We really have no clear idea what the opposition consists of and the impact it would have, if victorious, on the entire region, especially Israel.

The time has come that whatever it may take we must halt any further slaughter, reverse the flight of refugees and begin the task of rebuilding their lives and country.